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tCurrent Classes open for enrollment:

Mrs. Mantz's Purple Pantz Art Studio     2019-2020 Fall Winter Schedule:

The  Fall classes will consist of two separate sessions, the first beginning on Tuesday, September 10 and will run for five weeks.  The second will commence on Tuesday, October 15 and run for six weeks.  Winter will be broken into three separate sessions as noted below.  As always, there will be a variety of fun and creative projects for the children during each session.  Registration through KCE is recommended in order for your child to ride the bus to the studio.

All after school classes take place from 3:30-5:30.

After School Classes for K-5 students

Fall Session 1 - 5 Weeks

Tuesdays, September 10-October 8, Wednesdays, September 11-October 9, and Thursdays, September 12-October 10. Cost is $90 plus a $25 supply fee.

Fall Session 2 - 6 Weeks

Tuesdays, October 15-November 19, Wednesdays, October 16-November 20, and Thursdays, October 17-November 21.  Cost is $108 plus a $30 supply fee.

Winter Session 1 - 3 Weeks

Tuesdays, December 3-17, Wednesdays, December 4-18, and Thursdays, December 5-19.  Cost is $54 plus a $15 supply fee.

Winter Session 2 - 6 Weeks

Tuesdays, January 7-February 11, Wednesdays, January 8-February 12, and Thursdays, January 9-February 13.  Cost is $108 plus a $30 supply fee.

Winter Session 3 - 5 Weeks

Tuesdays. February 18-March 17, Wednesdays, February 19-March 18, and Thursdays, February 20-March 19.  Cost is $90 plus a $25 supply fee.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are limited seats on the bus this year, so if your child does not need to ride the bus, you can register directly with the studio.


Link to Kenston Community Education for Busing information

Check out our new Kiln and a beautiful clay tropical fish artwork done by one of our students.

kilns       clayfish2s

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Fun Fact:

The "Purple Pantz" name/rhyme came from Mrs. Mantz's teaching days. She needed a way to help children remember how to pronounce her name. Originally, it started out as, "Mrs. Mantz in her purple pantz, loves to dance!" It was a hit with the kids and now you know!


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